Miami-inspired luxury on the north Cornish coast

St. Moritz Hotel

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To use our Interiors and Graphics teams to balance seamlessly the interiors and branding, the serious with the playful, the luxurious with the locally-accessible.

St Moritz Hotel Cornwall Logo Design Branding


Our Graphics team pioneered a full brand toolkit and marketing campaign aimed at locals and the off-season, to entice in groups of people who would never otherwise have set foot in it.


Delighted clients, flocking customers, great reviews and enough business all year to keep people employed and the local economy boosted. And, in response to a ‘Solid as Rock’ campaign to attract more locals, the scheme’s first six months saw nearly 1100 sign up.

“It was so important to get the art deco-heritage of the original hotel within the brand … every detail was considered and the results are no less than stunning.”

Hugh Ridgeway, St. Moritz Hotel, Owner