Graphic Design

Somehow, everything your business is and wants to be has to be expressed using shapes, colours, typeface and space.

How you feel about what you do – and how you’d like your customers to feel – needs to be represented honestly, engagingly and memorably.

Graphic Design, with You at the Centre

So as you can see, graphic design’s about a whole lot more than a playful upper-case T here, or a splash of teal there. First we need to properly get to know and understand you and your business; then we have to take what we’ve learned and distil it into something visual and striking. It almost sounds like communicating in a different language, except that when its done right, it’s a language everyone instantly understands.

There’s no formula; one size will not fit all. We’ve worked with bakers who’ve gone national, UK-wide pub chains, dentists, dairies, hotels, bars, restaurants, property developments of all kinds, pretty much every kind of business. Each, like their owners and employees, is different. Each has unique stories to tell and ambitions to realise.

Absolute: Graphic Design across Cornwall

We’re based in Truro, right at the heart of Cornwall. This county’s part of who we are and how we work; we think it’s amazing, so how could it not be? We work with many businesses from here, and from the rest of the country too.  Look around the site to see who they are; feel free to get in touch with them if you’d like to find out what working with us is really like. We know you’ll like what you hear and look forward to telling you more when you get in touch.


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