Absolute has been offering Graphic Design for nearly 25 years, but what we offer has changed and grown over this quarter century – it’s so much more than corporate identity and design for print. From websites to witty straplines, Absolute can offer the full package.

Here’s our Top 10 of the things Absolute offer that you probably didn’t know about:


1. Videos

It’s no secret that videos are the future of marketing. Whether embedded on your website homepage, shared on your social media accounts, or saved onto a branded USB stick for your clients, videos are the best way to quickly engage your customers with a targeted message. In fact, by next year, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Here’s a video we created for Caterlink – design, animation and art direction all by Absolute.




2. Branded Merchandise

Branded flip flops, tote bags, pens, notebooks, or even staff uniforms. There’s nothing we can’t brand with your logo. Go on, we challenge you! We’re experts on how to make your brand identity perform at its best, so even if you are looking for a giveaway for your company but aren’t sure what to choose – we can help.




3. Social Media Marketing

If you aren’t on social media, where have you been for the last decade? Since Twitter’s egg hatched in 2006, we’ve seen over a decade of Tweets, and with Facebook celebrating its 12th birthday next month, it’s part of life and business whether we like it or not. Absolute’s strategic marketing team can help develop a social media strategy for your business in a place your customers are already visiting daily. We can even take care of everything so you don’t have to. We get to know your brand inside out, so we really know what makes your customers tick. With monthly installments, it may be cheaper than you think. What have you got to lose?


4. Photography – Art Direction and Styling

Beautiful photography is so important to creative campaigns, and we work with a trusted photographer to ensure that we get the right shots for your brand and your message. Whether it’s a studio shoot or on location, we can art direct and style your shoots, bringing over 2 decades of experience to the table.



5. Copywriting

Good design without great words is like Ant without Dec. Absolute’s copy and creative work together in perfect harmony to ensure your brand is performing to its maximum potential. With years of delivering successful and award winning campaigns with our team of in-house and freelance copywriters, we can achieve your business’ goals and help you shine in ways you never anticipated.


6. Illustration

Our in-house team, and freelance friends can offer a huge range of illustration styles to capture the essence or personality for your brand. Here’s a flavor of what we can offer. We love seeing and hearing what gets you excited, so if you have ideas and need someone to bring them to life, please share!



7. Email Marketing

If you’ve got a customer database collecting dust, it’s time to shake it off and start using it. Often the fear or uncertainty of what to say means nothing is said at all. We send regular and one off campaigns for a variety of clients, working with copywriters, designers and developers to deliver a marketing solution that works. We can even offer marketing metrics and reporting for your online campaigns.



8. Exhibition Graphics

Exhibitions still remain one of the biggest and most expensive things in a company’s marketing calendar. When you are spending out on a stand space, you need to make sure you are using this space to its maximum potential. How can you get people to stop, and more importantly, come and spend some time at your stand? With our case studies and experience, we’d love to step in.



9. Art

Art for your company walls is something that we can not only source, but also create. Here’s a few examples of creations from Absolute – no gallery entry required!


10. Vehicle Graphics

How can you make sure you carry your brand with you everywhere you go? Make sure your business is talking for you and covering miles with vehicle graphics. Absolute can offer a full graphic wrap, or more simple lower cost vinyls. And it’s not just cars we can do…