It’s a while since Absolute Design described or defined us. And to better reflect who we are and where we’re going, we’re now

Our studio buzzes with ideas in interiors, graphics and architecture. Our team’s up to 15 and it’s all absolutely Absolute: a deep pool of talent, a wide range of skills, everything held together by the idea that you don’t stand still, you take nothing for granted and nothing matters – not who or where or what you are – as much as the work that you do.

And that work continues to win praise and awards. Lately and as of now we’re doing it in Newcastle, the Lake District, Oxford, Peterborough, the Olympic Park in East London, Cirencester, Leeds, Cardiff, and Gloucester (and Cornwall, of course, we still wouldn’t be anywhere else).

Wherever the work next takes us, whether we’re refurbishing a bar, renaming a resort, rebranding a college, making a video or rebuilding a hotel, you can rely on that work being memorable, creative, compelling and effective.

You can rely, in other words, on it being Absolute: welcome to