25 years. 1991. Happy Absolute Birthday to us.

I won’t say it all seemed so simple then, it probably never did, but did I have any clue what the next 25 years might look like?

I did not. Nor, I guess, did any of us.

In July 1991, I’m there in my box-room, post-college, post-first-London job, back in Cornwall and starting a business. For context, and by chance, that month saw the world’s first-ever web site and web server up and running, courtesy of Tim Berners-Lee.

I know.

Well, what a long way we’ve all come since. I receive CVs now from people not even born when this all began. In true 21st century talent show style: it’s been a journey. Not always a smooth one, not always in the originally-intended direction, sometimes too fast and at others too slow, but always a journey.

Cornwall barely had a design industry then, now it has a flourishing one. The county was probably synonymous with a bucket and spade and having once had a mining industry. Now it’s globally known: world-leading food, entrepreneurs, innovation (and heritage, yes), but also resilience, design and creativity of all kinds.

I’d like to raise a glass to all those we’ve worked with and for in all those years. We’ve won a reinforced shelf-full of awards, laughed, cried, rowed, made up, moved on, changed and aged. It’s always been emotional and rarely dull.

It’s been a blast. An Absolute blast.

Love Helen xx