We love Truro here at Absolute.

That’s hardly a surprise; our office is in the city’s old foundry at 10 Princes Street, and we’ve called it home for as long as the business has been operating.

Still, we have no doubt whatsoever that we’d love it even if none of that were the case. It is one of the most vibrant cities in Cornwall, and offers visitors just about everything. From representing the food capital of the South West to offering some of the best transport links in the area, there are countless reasons why Truro needs to be on everyone’s bucket list.

Truro has been Cornwall’s commercial hub for some time now, and it is located right in the middle of the county. That means you’re never too far from anywhere, but still get to enjoy the perks of in-land Cornish living. Roughly 12 miles from both the north and south coastlines, visitors can take their pick from two very different spots.

An ever-growing city, Truro continues to lead the way in the region both culturally and economically.

We have completed a number of projects in our hometown of Truro down the years including the ever-popular and buzzing Hooked restaurant, as well as The Hideaway, a bespoke luxury development of secluded apartments and many more. Head over to our project pages to view our work.