… In fact, it might be the best thing you’ve ever done.

You might imagine dentists don’t have to worry about brand, design, customer experience and the like (we’ve all got teeth, they all need fixing at some point, right?) but you’d actually be wrong.

It’s tough out there for dentists. The work we’ve recently been doing with Wadebridge Dental has reminded us of how competitive their world is, and reminded them (we hope) not just of the value of all kinds of design, but the particular benefit of Absolute’s joined-up, under-one-roof design.

When we worked with them, we were able, simultaneously, to help rethink the whole customer experience. So everything was carefully considered: colours, brand identity, what the language says (and how it says it), what the signs say, how the design works for the customer, inside and out, whether the feel created is calm and friendly, and who, if anyone, risks feeling excluded.

Wadebridge Dental were keen to open up their practice to new patients, to attract private clients at the same time as retaining and not alienating existing NHS patients. We were able to help them strike this potentially tricky balance. We’re accustomed to seeing a building’s physical structure linked closely to its interior design which, in turn, is a way in which brand manifests itself. Each element feeds into, and off, the next, so clients – Wadebridge Dental, in this case – receive a kind of seamless, wraparound attention.

This helps guarantee harmony and consistency between all of a project’s facets: structural, design and branding. And it helped to make sure, in this instance, that a long-standing local business was able to move confidently into a new, diversified future without having to sacrifice any of the virtues which had brought it success.