Smiles all round for the transformation of a

popular practice

Wadebridge Dental

Commercial Interior Design


This long-standing and well-liked local NHS dentistry practice wanted to reposition itself and move into the private dentistry sector. Part of the transformation would be to develop a hard-wearing but comfortable, welcoming and calm ‘hospitality’-style experience for patients. At the same time, they wanted to offer more preventive treatments as well as curing problems.

Absolute Commercial Interior Design Cornwall Wadebridge Dental 1200x900
Absolute Commercial Interior Design Cornwall Wadebridge Dental 900x1200


We transformed and replanned the physical space to improve the experience for staff as well as patients. 


The transition to private practice was smooth and painless, so much so that the practice owner, Andy Taylor, saw all of his clients immediately change from public to private.

“Absolute put us at ease and having all the disciplines under one roof made the process so simple. They work so well together.”

Andy & Melissa Taylor, Owners, Wadebridge Dental