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Venus could tell it was time for a change but couldn’t work out the how and the what-kind. They’d been clients for a while, but mainly small jobs around their menus. Our instinct was to offer more and, once we’d completed some overview work, they retained us to redefine and refine their brand and personality. (They already had some valuable registered trademarks for their logos and strapline ‘loving the beach’, and, although they wanted things to change, they also wanted that change to be the result of a deliberate, overall strategy.)

Venus Cafe Logo Design Branding


The brand as it stood was simply not doing justice to their personality, love for the locations, commitment to sustainability (having won a Queen’s Award for sustainable development twice), hard work and unique people. We wanted to emphasise that serving great food in brilliant places was a labour of love.

The owners’ parents had opened the original tea-hut on Blackpool Sands beach in the late ‘50s. Its hand-written sign was still in the family and formed the basis for our thinking. Its three advantages were that it celebrated the family’s long, deep relationship with the beach, it visually drew inspiration from childhood memories and ‘50s beach styling, and it properly aligned the brand with Venus’s story.

Original Vintage Venus Hut Sign
Venus Branding Moodboard
Venus Branding Poster
Venus Cafe Packaging 1200x900
Venus Burger Packaging Design 1200x900
Venus Coffee Bags
Venus Branding Cup
Venus IPA Beer Bottle Label Design
Venus Branding Flags


After the rebrand our changes continued to roll out to cover everything. Logo, signage, advertising, tone of voice, interiors, packaging, uniforms, the works: however and wherever they’re communicating, visually or in writing, it’s all new and relevant to the reimagined brand.

“Venus has been working with Absolute since 2010. They have been amazing. They quickly understood our brand and came up with a whole new look. They are such a pleasure to work with!”

Michael Smith, Venus, Owner