Tomorrow is National Packaging Design Day (yes, it’s an actual day), and to celebrate, we’re pulling together some of our favourite packaging projects, some designed by Absolute, and some we admire from around the world.

We do feel pretty qualified on this subject – Last month our Creative Director Helen was a judge in the Packaging Design Category of the International Food and Beverage (FAB) Awards, and we’ve also won a string of awards for our packaging design for Trewithen Dairy. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about how to communicate and sell products in a range of industries.

If you’re like us (packaging geeks) then feast your eyes on these…



Following the rebrand of The Great Escape and their print and signage, Absolute were tasked to develop the brand further with the store’s first step into their own product range. The Crackling Candle collection is a set of completely natural and handmade candles with 4 gorgeous scents. The brand is completely based around travel and journeys, so the existing skyscape designed for the salon’s shopfront was further developed for each product. The client had clear ideas on her vision for her products, all based on places around the world and scents and ingredients relevant to each location. Absolute developed illustrations for each candle’s theme, along with an identity for each scent and the packaging design. The candles launched just in time for Christmas and are available on notonthehighstreet as well as in store!



Founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed argues that for most products “the packaging is more important than the product.” He adds “It is how you get noticed and create desire, and impute what it is you are and stand for.”

When Innocent first launched in the orange juice sector, the juice reached a turnover of £4m in year 2, which led to it being delisted by the supermarkets.

However, when they relaunched their orange juice three years later in a carafe-shaped bottle, rather than a carton design, the product reached a turnover of £80m in its second year. The product itself had not changed.

We totally agree with Richard when he says “it is crazy how significant packaging is”




Pasty Presto was founded in Mevagissey in 1994 and had a steady growth for 20 years reaching 29 shops throughout the country.

However, following the government’s introduction of the Pasty Tax, the major media coverage on this, as well as the Olympic games’ effect on tourism in the UK, Pasty Presto saw turnover drop by 5% in just one year.  The client was faced with either shutting up shop or investing.

Absolute reviewed the company, products, brand, customers and the buyer’s attitudes from top-to-bottom as well as highly recommending a customer research strategy.

Our creative teams worked as a team to bring the brand styling and tone of voice together at every level. A new colour palette and brand ethos along with a new name, The Cornish Bakery, gave the company a new focus and help them differentiate themselves on the high street. The client’s investment in their brand redesign has kept failing shops open, saved jobs, led to many new stores opening, plus it also won us a DBA Design Effectiveness Gold award!




We love packaging that is clever – after all, it’s about so much more than just looking good. This is a pretty extreme example of just how useful the outer casing can be for a product. Bennison’s Baby Care Wear campaign, used packaging to its advantage in an effort to get pyjamas donated to vulnerable babies in need to keep them warm and safe. You’re probably wondering how the packaging can help with such an important cause? Well it does so as it is actually made from soap paper that dissolves in water! This allows the recipient to clean the pyjamas in the first few months of a baby’s life. According to the World Health Organization, nearly half a million babies die from unhygienic environments every year, so this packaging goes one step further to show commitment to the cause.



Trewithen Dairy is Cornwall’s third largest dairy processor.  The Clarke family had built an impressive portfolio of customers over 18 years based on the supply of supermarket own-brand and hospitality ingredients, with a small and extremely localised but loyal consumer following for their products. After continual knock-backs from supermarkets and retailers and with growing competition from other local dairies, Trewithen turned to Absolute for help developing its brand.

Absolute reviewed the company, the products, the brand, the customers and the buyer’s attitudes from top-to-bottom as well as highly recommending a customer research strategy.

The creative team then brought the brand’s product range together with cohesive illustration, styling and tone of voice.  New artwork and fresh vibrant colours created a fitting personality, shelf standout and the opportunity to tell lots of stories.

The commercial impact has been instant and staggering; allowing this relatively small Cornish dairy to punch well above its weight.  Within less than a year, Trewithen had added over £400,000 to its sales and is now listed in all four of its major supermarket targets as well as gaining hundreds of new hospitality and retail customers in Cornwall and the surrounding South West counties.

The dairy’s investment in their new brand redesign returned a massive £4m increase in turnover within less than a year and the new compelling brand is winning fans and followers all over the country whilst the dairy undergoes rapid growth and development as a direct result.