Looking back at Health & Beauty.

When a dentist calls you up most of us shudder with fear! When the owners of Wadebridge Dental called for some design support, I must admit we did take a deep breath at first!! In 2017 Wadebridge Dental were expanding their practice and needed some interior design support. They were moving a 30 year old NHS practice to be more private focussed and as such needed to make sure their dentist well, didn’t look like a dentist within the reception and patient waiting lounges. Absolute were also tasked with ensuring their brand overall shared a consistent message and personality. Since completing the project, the practice has flown, exceeding all expectations.They are also multi award winning – Practice of the Year, Most improved Practice, Best patient care and are rated in the top 3 dental practices in Cornwall 2020.We absolutely loved working with Wadebridge Dental, our Graphic and Interior collaborative approach has helped them achieve their vision and objectives in so many ways.