Looking back at Retail.

Who is totally missing our favourite hairdresser and beautician? We most certainly are! This week we are sharing a clients work that started in 2004 and another in 2017…In 2004 we were approached by the owner of a salon in Truro called Mr Christoper to rebrand. The owner had bought the salon and so the name did not represent her or her vision for the business. In a world of salon names that were seen as clever puns [think ‘A Cut Above’, ‘Shearlock Combs’, ‘Hairitage’… we could go on!] Absolute were tasked to think outside of the box and create a name and identity that would be remembered.Inkfish was born, an identity and shop signage to go with it. 16 years later the brand still reflects the modern, forward thinking focus of the business.In 2010 Inkfish asked our interiors team to redesign their salon to reflect their brand. It was also a chance to create additional storage and display spaces. Working closely with the owner we space planned to ensure best use of space for the stylists was balanced with ensuring the customer experience was enhanced including very comfortable styling chairs made by Porsche. 10 years later and the salon looks slick and contemporary.

And finally a bit of #WednesdayWisdom for you!