Looking back at Booze.

In the early 90s you might not know but Redruth had a brewery owned by the Chinese [honest!].
We were tasked with designing a Chinese beer for the UK market. Using film and paints [artwork was done by traditional film overlays and typesetting] our founder went about designing a contemporary design using red and gold – positive symbolic colours for them. Yixing was launched in London’s China Town with dancing tigers and a lot of Dim Sum – still remember the day now.
Budgets were tight for the launch but we wanted to give the guests something memorable to take away with them. A Chinese four pack was developed using only red card and two chopsticks to hold the pack together. No printing or gluing.
This still has to be one of our favourite bits of work…

We worked with Camel Valley Vineyard around 15 years ago to rebrand them. We developed the identity and the ‘CV’ mark that is still being used today. Their labels have gone through a slight tweak but the essence of the work we created with them still remains. Camel Valley Vineyard has been hugely successful and we are very proud of the family and what they have achieved in the past 15 years and honoured to be a small part of their journey…

We have been working with the innovators Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm for the past 3 years. Some projects are still in testing phase but a couple are on the shelf. The first project was to develop a cider that would fit in the deli, higher end marketplace. The farm already had a product labelled Cornish Gold and we felt this name was strong enough to be developed into a new market. We worked closely with the family to design and test a number of routes. Cornish Gold is has been well received and now boast a range of flavoured ciders.

Most recently we were briefed to add a gin to the legendary Rattler brand. This was a challenging brief, Rattler has a massive national following for its cider and to develop a design of a gin which was obviously from the Rattler – Cornish Cloudy Cyder brand but worked for a gin took a number of testing stages. The Rattler Gin launched in February with a massive positive response.

We love working with Healey’s – their vision, innovation and drive is infectious!

Thank Healeys it’s Friday!