More than ever, 2018’s minutes all seemed full to bursting. They fast became hours, days, weeks and, hang on, is that shape on the horizon really 2019?

In a way, what we’ve been doing is what we always do, but because what we do is change everything, it always feels reliably brand new.

Transformations flowed. We’ve created amazing places to live out of nothing but great locations and inspiration: The Hideaway in Truro and Saltwater apartments near Newquay. Our long, mutually fruitful relationship with JD Wetherspoon continues; we transformed an old cinema in Midsomer Norton and a petrol station in Liskeard, while for other clients we created lavish interiors and a new brand for The Moth and The Moon pub in Falmouth, rebranded the Venus Company and refreshed and, ahead of a relaunch in 2019, rethought all elements of London’s prestigious bespoke cake-makers, Konditor & Cook (we’ve also made a start on their interiors).

Closer to home, our long-established relationship with Fifteen Cornwall yielded cereal-box breakfast menus, while we helped, and kept pace with, The Cornish Bakery’s extraordinary, continuing growth, with a summer-campaign photoshoot on top of the refurbishment or opening of another 11 stores nationally. Also locally, we helped the makers of the NO20 dry-sheet mask to name, brand and package their new product, one of over 300 Graphics jobs we completed this year. Those numbers keep rising: so factor in three holiday homes, two show homes and a year’s mileage of a squeak under 25,000.

We began with transformations, let’s end with another: Wadebridge Dental are on track for a turnover-increase of 167% in the first two years, post-rebrand; their return on design investment is 6350%.

The answer to the question we didn’t ask is: 525,600. That’s minutes in an average year.

Even if none of our years is average.