Absolute are no stranger to DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, having won 4 silver awards previously, but we’ve always had our creative hearts set on a (very rare) Gold.

Our long term dreams were answered on Thursday at London’s Tobacco Dock, when we took home our 5th DEA, and our first Gold, for our rebrand of Pasty Presto, now The Cornish Bakery.

The DBA’s Design Effectiveness Awards have been championing the role of effective design in the creation of business growth since they were formed 27 years ago.

These awards showcase the very best partnerships between business and agencies; the very best innovation; the very best application of design. These factors combined produce solutions that exceed the brief, transforming products, services, spaces, perceptions and brands. The DBA’s Design Effectiveness Awards reward solutions borne out of great collaborations, between the business commissioning the design and the team delivering it.

Year after year, winning case studies demonstrate that successful projects require the integration of the design brief, with business aims and objectives from the outset. This sets the stage for a transparent and accountable relationship between client and designer that provides the best creative and commercial environment for success. The case studies also serve to demonstrate the excellent value for money and return on investment that a coherent, well thought out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve.

Every year the results from the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are plotted into the Design Effectiveness League Table. These show the successful companies who are consistently outperforming their competitors because they value, invest in and effectively manage design.

Absolute are proud to be the UK’s 16th most effective agency, officially!