Just to recap, then: we do know we’re shortlisted, so we’re definitely taking home a (nother) Design Effectiveness Award from March’s ceremony. What we don’t know is whether it’ll be Bronze, Silver or Gold (one of which we won last year for our work with The Cornish Bakery, whom we helped to rebrand from Pasty Presto).

The client who’s benefited this year from the effectiveness of our design input is Sapience HR. Thanks to their investment in our expertise, this small Cornish company found a way to compete with (and outperform) larger peers, rethought its offering and became a brand on which increasing numbers of happy clients came to rely. (In fact, within ten months of the investment, their turnover rose by 45%, new clients were up by 24% and existing clients were spending 22% more.)

This will be Absolute’s sixth DBA award, having previously scooped four silvers to go with 2016’s gold. Clearly, no one turns their nose up at any award, but there’s a good reason why our recurrent dalliance with these is such a thrill, and that’s because they’re prestigious, authoritative and tell the businesses with whom we work – and with whom we’d like to work – exactly the kind of measurable benefits our input brings. It also, for those who still doubt the idea, definitively debunks the notion that design is some kind of superficial, nice-to-have add-on which has no bearing on what business is really about.

Try telling that to Sapience HR (or The Cornish Bakery, Trewithen Dairy, Breathe Business, Watergate Bay Hotel and, well, you get the picture … ).