5th March 2015

A taste of our own medicine

We’ve bent the ears of a lot of clients down the years. Banged on at length about the benefits of freshening up a brand. Turned the air in many meetings warm with talk of finding your brand’s essence, then expressing it. And for quite a while – too long, really – we’ve put off the […]

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5th January 2015

Out with the old…?

Hold on, with you in a minute, but just before we lose our hearts to the charms of 2015, it would be rude not to look back briefly at the disappearing year. In 12 months that redefined busy, we hired five more people, took on ten new clients and completed 661 projects. We helped long-term […]

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9th October 2014

It’s a while since Absolute Design described or defined us. And to better reflect who we are and where we’re going, we’re now Our studio buzzes with ideas in interiors, graphics and architecture. Our team’s up to 15 and it’s all absolutely Absolute: a deep pool of talent, a wide range of skills, everything […]

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9th August 2013

Absolutely milking effectiveness for Trewithen Dairy

Our regular herd of followers will know just how much we love ‘dairy milk’ here, specifically the magical white stuff from the happy, healthy, Cornish cows at our lovely clients Trewithen Dairy. And we can’t tell you how over the moooon we were to recently hear that we’d collectively received major design recognition, taking a prestigious award at the European Brand Awards.

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