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21st August 2020

Out Of Adversity Comes Creativity

Absolutely Cornish collab creates the first ever socially distanced restaurant. Whilst many in the hotel and hospitality industry grappled with the challenge of converting their facilities to accommodate complex social distancing requirements, Cornwall’s St Moritz Hotel & Spa briefed the creative collaboration of Absolute and Excess Energy Communications to create the ultimate hospitality COVID ‘bounceback.’ […]

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27th April 2020

Lockdown Diaries April 2020 – 4

We love Frugi. Cut4Cloth was the brainchild of Lucy Jewson, whose concept was to create organic baby clothes that would fit over washable cloth nappies. As the company swiftly established an enthusiastic customer-base it was becoming apparent that they had reached a plateau with the product lines, they were losing their customers as soon as […]

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23rd April 2020

Lockdown Diaries April 2020 – 3

Looking back at Health & Beauty. When a dentist calls you up most of us shudder with fear! When the owners of Wadebridge Dental called for some design support, I must admit we did take a deep breath at first!! In 2017 Wadebridge Dental were expanding their practice and needed some interior design support. They were […]

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22nd April 2020

Lockdown Diaries April 2020 – 2

Looking back at Retail. Who is totally missing our favourite hairdresser and beautician? We most certainly are! This week we are sharing a clients work that started in 2004 and another in 2017…In 2004 we were approached by the owner of a salon in Truro called Mr Christoper to rebrand. The owner had bought the […]

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21st April 2020

Lockdown Diaries April 2020 – 1

Looking back at Booze. In the early 90s you might not know but Redruth had a brewery owned by the Chinese [honest!].We were tasked with designing a Chinese beer for the UK market. Using film and paints [artwork was done by traditional film overlays and typesetting] our founder went about designing a contemporary design using […]

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