We’ve bent the ears of a lot of clients down the years. Banged on at length about the benefits of freshening up a brand. Turned the air in many meetings warm with talk of finding your brand’s essence, then expressing it.

And for quite a while – too long, really – we’ve put off the business of subjecting ourselves to the same treatment. Never enough time. Always something more important to do: putting our clients first, going the extra mile, washing our hair, worming the dog, all that.

Truth is, however, we were only delaying the inevitable. In Autumn last year we changed everything – website, social media, emails – to wearebsoluteuk.com and told you about it. Things had changed and so had we. And really, that was just the nudge we needed. Now, having reflected, self-questioned and experimented, we’re happy to say we’ve refreshed the Absolute brand and are proud to launch it, just prior to its first big date at the Cornwall Business Show.

Our Creative Director, Helen Stephens, said:

“After ten years of the previous brand, and having streamlined our social media and moved to the new website, the time was right, especially as July this year marks the start of our 25th year. Grown-up, approachable, conversational and not always what you’d expect: that’s what we’re like, and it’s what our brand says about us too.”