The very best of Cornish Life + Style

Over the weekend of 9th – 10th July 2022, Our sister company Stephens + Stephens Developers are throwing open the doors of their Cliff Edge development in Newquay for all to experience the cutting-edge luxury clifftop apartments. Not only did we take care of the architecture and style the interiors but as part of the branding and creative communications for the development we created it’s very own coffee table lifestyle magazine and teamed up with local makers Dick Pearce & Co to provide each owner with their very own custom handmade bellyboard. Read more about the magazine below!

Absolute Graphic Design Cornwall The Edge Magazine Spread

Absolute Graphic Design Cornwall The Edge Magazine Spread-02

Cornwall has its own enigmatic ‘super power’, a sense of magic, and wonder, like that sparkling time as the sun either rises or sets over the endless ocean.  And we know that we are all lucky to live a life here that sets us apart. It’s a place, and a life that we know and we understand.  And a place that we feel an elemental pull towards, no matter what we’re doing. As self-confessed design ‘geeks’ we also can’t resist the deeply satisfying pull of style.  And of a careful and specific curated aesthetic that adds that extra special ‘va va voom’ to a place, a space, an experience, and to a life, whether you are a full-time resident or on a much-needed vacation. So we continually dedicate ourselves, and our team, to finding, honing and driving the very best of the Cornish + life + style in all of our work.  And we greatly admire, and are honoured to be part of the like-minded community, also continually creating spaces and places where our friends, family, guests, clients and buyers can discover, and truly realise, their own Cornish + life + style.  This magazine is dedicated to bringing some of our favourite hang out places, spaces and experiences directly to you, wherever you are.  

Absolute Graphic Design Cornwall Cliff Edge Custom Dick Pearce Bellyboard Absolute Graphic Design Cornwall Cliff Edge Custom Dick Pearce Bellyboard Detail

We are delighted to share this edited collection of some of those passionate pioneers, all living on ‘the edge’, and driving fresh and exciting propositions, in and around the ultimate blue-minded life + style destination of Newquay, Cornwall. We really do ‘wish you were here’, and hope you will be joining us soon.